D8-32B horns

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The info that I posted came directly out of the 1997 NS Locomotive Equipment Guide. If they were replaced prior to or after that, I don't know. Horn types are not one of the things I follow.

Russ Goodwin

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The official record may state otherwise, but most, if not all, NS B32-8's  
were delivered with K5H-type horns. The GP59's from the same period (1989) were  
also delivered with K5H's, during an interim period before everything in the  
eastern US started coming with K5LA's. I think it was Extra 2200 South where I  
read that the horns on the GP59's were failing because they were placed too  
close to the exhaust stack. I'm not sure if that also happened with the B32's,  
but in any case, many of these units in both classes have been retro-fitted with  
K5LA's or other horns over the years.   - Keith Baker, Ft. Wayne,IN
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