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I photographed an F7 in Roanoke in 1972; the image appeared in an NWHS calendar. Someone might erroniously infer that some of them operated in the east. But the truth is the unit had returned from a lease to the CNJ and was actually off the roster at the time I shot it. I spent a lot of time on the N&W in the '60s and '70s and never saw an F7 in operation, nor did any of my friends doing the same thing. Nor have I ever seen a photograph of one on the 'old' N&W. The only first generation road units I ever saw were GP9/18s and RS11s.

But as Ed says, as soon as one stakes out firm ground, something surfaces to shake the ground.

Bill McClure

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> No to the first and possibly to the second. I think they mainly stayed on 
> the old Wabash lines of the Western Region, but as certain as I speculate 
> that none ever went to Virginia somebody will come up with a photo of one 
> going through Pearisburg. 
> Never say never. 
> EdKing 
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> > Did the N & W F units only run in Canada? Did they ever make it down to 
> the 
> > Virginia area? 
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