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Hello Ed,
Thanks much for the information. This will help make my choice easier.
Carl Weidner
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Class A's handled coal and empty hopper trains and time freights between
Portsmouth and Columbus, and between Williamson and Portsmouth.  Y-6s might
have been seen on coal trains between Portsmouth and Columbus, but would
have been rare.  They would have been less rare on coal trains between
Williamson and Portsmouth.

You could safely say that all the As except the roller-bearing rod group
would have been used at one time or another.  Of that group the 1239 was
used in the test runs between Williamson and Portsmouth in 1952, but these
five engines (1238-1242) were assigned to Roanoke for maintenance and were
not often seen on the West end.  But any of the others - 1200-1237 - could
have been seen.  The 1218 was a regular west end engine up until about 1956,
when it went east.  The other two numbers that Broadway Limited did, 1217
and 1224, were regular Roanoke engines.  But the 1202, 1205, 1208, 1209,
1211, 1213, 1215, 1222, 1225, 1229, 1230, 1232, 1234 and 1236 spent a lot of
time on the West end, plus several others, I'm sure.  I don't have the
assignment sheets.

Hope this gives you enough to go on.

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> Hello,
> I would like to model N&W coal movement westward to Sandusky, Ohio. I
> believe A class locos brought coal into Columbus via Portsmouth. I am
> to find out what road number locos were assigned this task and where they
> originally may have coupled to the train. Also did locomotives other than
> the A class haul coal or freight into Columbus. My time frame is mid 50s
> the end of steam.
> Thanks,
> Carl Weidner
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