Intermodal on the old N&W

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I could never find an exact start date when I wrote the Shenandoah Book, but know they were running in 1956 on Trains #51 & #52. This was in conjunction with PRR (via their #CV-85 from Enola/Harrisburg) and connected with SR (via their #73) at Bristol. Perhaps someone from Bristol may be able to shed some light on this subject). The aluminum TOFC are from the Mason-Dixon Truck Lines. I remember seeing these passing by in 1956 in my times as a young boy.
Mason Cooper

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Do you have any idea what date these pictures were taken? I'm sure it was in the '50s, but when? When did N&W initiate TOFC service?

Bill Smith

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This may be a little late for the discussion of Intermodals on the old N&W, but they do go back to the steam era. You may want to take a look at these photos taken on the Shenandoah Division.

Mason Cooper


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