Is "Parent Company" a Misnomer? Rails and such . . .

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I remember the 155# rail - you had to step high to walk across it. I was working the Sperry Car one fine day in 1963 or so when they found a break in a bent stock rail - must have been the east switch at Glenhayes (as I recall the big rail was between Webb and Glenhayes). Closest I've ever come to seeing a Roadmaster cry. But they found a rail, got it bent and put in before the next coal train was due . . .

Ed King
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Color of passenger equipment, position-light signals, build-it-
yourself equipment, etc. Actually, it was more visible on the
surface than underneath, with
Don't forget N&W's PS (for Pennsylvania Standard) rail. It had
a taller web and a smaller head than the preferred "RE" rail.
In 1948, N&W installed 4.62 mi. of 155# PS rail near Glen
Hayes, WV on the Scioto Division, strictly on an experimental
basis. It's since been taken up, cropped, welded and is now
in service on the Buchanan Branch.

Harry Bundy
I'd love to see a picture of that long weld!
Tom Cosgrove

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