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Roanoke Times - April 15, 1908


Every Effort Being Made to Complete Laying of Rails on Virginian Railroad

The Virginian Railway, one of the greatest enterprises that has
been undertaken in Virginia for a great many years, is approaching
completion. There can be absolutely no doubt of this.
It is said that track-laying west of Victoria, which is 120 miles
west of the terminus of the road, as Sewall's Point, Norfolk, is
going on briskly, the workers being aided by the fine weather
prevailing, and within a few days the rails will have been laid to
Meherrin, Va., where the Virginian crosses the tracks of the Southern Railway.
Next, it was said, the rails will be laid as fast as possible, to
Hurt, in Campbell county, Va., which is at the crossing of the
Virginian and Southern a few miles south of Lynchburg, and it appears
as though by June the line will be completed from Norfolk to that point.
There are only a few links to be filled, it is said, and it will
not take long to fill them and complete the line.
From Deepwater, W. Va., 436 miles west of Norfolk, to which point
the road is now being constructed, comes word that the coal operators
in the region are busily preparing to begin shipping coal in quantity
as soon as the road is ready to haul it. After the big pier at
Sewall's Point has been completed the bulk of this coal will go there
for shipment by sea.
The Virginian traverses a large area of the fine tobacco producing
section of Virginia and taps much timber which has heretofore been
unreachable by rail.


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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