1908 - Arrange to Handle Freight

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Roanoke Times - April 16, 1908


Virginian Railway Making Ready For Coming Traffic

The superintendent, roadmaster and foreman of the Virginian
(Tidewater) railroad have been in Meherrin this week making
arrangements for the handling of freight, etc., on their road at that
place. As soon as it can conveniently be done a telegraph and freight
station will be built there, but until that time the Virginian will
dray all local freight to the Southern depot, the agent of the
Southern looking after the matter. This will be a great convenience
to the people. The officers state that by the first of next month
they want to have a regular daily train from Meherrin to Norfolk.
This train already runs to Victoria, fifteen miles east of Meherrin.
It is expected to have the track laid to Meherrin inside of another
week, the distance lacking now being only about one mile. The
Virginian goes under the Southern railroad about one-half mile south
of Meherrin.


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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