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Child Hood Memories of Norfolk and Western Railway Company’s Class E-2, NO. 578

In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s a Sunday afternoon’s recreation for
Robert Miley and his father, Walter was to spend the afternoon watching the
trains come and go in Marion Ohio. In those days they could watch them all
from the platform of the Union Depot. The Chesapeake & Ohio, Baltimore &
Ohio, New York Central, Pennsylvania, Erie, Norfolk & Western all passed
through to the delight of rail fans young and old.

As an adult, Robert mourned the passing of those beloved days with his
father and created the model shown above in memory of happy times spent
with his father. The model is on display at the Marion County Historical
Society Museum, Heritage Hall and is 97 inches long and 18 inches tall.
Robert constructed this Norfolk & Western class E-2 entirely by hand in 1”=
1’ scale.

The original Norfolk and Western Railway Company’s Class E-2, NO. 578 was
built in the Roanoke, Virginia shop of the American Locomotive Works. The
engine was “shopped” many times during it’s service life and modernizing
improvements were made. This model represents the original configuration
plus subsequent changes. Number 578 remained in active service until the
demise of the steam locomotive, circa the late 1940’s.

I would like to extend an invitation to all your members, convention
attendees and interested parties to visit the Listen to the Rails: Marion,
Crossroads of History exhibit at the Marion County Historical Society
Museum, Heritage Hall between June 5 and October 26 2008.

I was delighted to learn that your convention will be held here in Marion
from June 11 to 15 2008 and it seems that this exhibit is very timely. We
will have many displays pertaining to the Marion rail systems and their
importance to the growth of Marion, Ohio and the USA. While you are here
enjoying the restored depot and interlocking tower, be sure to check out
all of the great old and new photos of trains on exhibit and our exhibits
containing interesting antiques and artifacts pertaining to the many rail
systems which once ran (and still do) through Marion and Marion County.

The Marion County Historical Society takes great pleasure in extending an
invitation to your organization to visit us, enjoy the exhibit and the gift
shop with many Marion and train related items available for purchase.

Gale E. Martin, Director
Marion County Historical Society
169 E. Church St.
Marion, OH 43302
mchist2 at verizon.net

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