West on the VGN at Ellett

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Could have been a ferry move from storage --- Yadkin Valley has stored 100 or more in the past year ( no. varies as they move in and out ) probablity due to the economic situation.  P S ---- Y V is also now in the ethanol transfer business at Rural Hall ( 17 cars/week +or-) they fill 3 1/2 trucks from one tank car. Ron H

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Subject: West on the VGN at Ellett
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At about 8:30 this evening a train of well over 100 empty container and/or piggyback cars went west. This is the first time I have seen an entire train (and it was a long one) of empty container/piggyback cars around here.
It would seem to me that the number of container/piggyback cars going east and west would have to be about the same (whether the containers are filled or empty is irrelevant to whether there is a container or trailer on the car) , so seeing an entire train of empties is a bit mystifying. What am I missing?
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