West on the VGN at Ellett

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The Peavine has also had, and still has to my knowledge, many strings of
stored piggy back flats in the now-unused sidings. But, the 100 myts may be
headed to storage rather than service.

As to actual train moves, NS 217 and NS 218 UPS piggy back trains, Calumet
Yard, Chicago to Greensboro NC, will frequently have many empties on the
Monday morning NS 218. NS 217 rarely has empties regardless of the time of
week. So some balancing seems to be required at times.

Gary Rolih


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Could have been a ferry move from storage --- Yadkin Valley has stored 100
or more in the past year ( no. varies as they move in and out ) probablity
due to the economic situation. P S ---- Y V is also now in the ethanol
transfer business at Rural Hall ( 17 cars/week +or-) they fill 3 1/2 trucks
from one tank car. Ron H

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Subject: West on the VGN at Ellett
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At about 8:30 this evening a train of well over 100 empty container and/or
piggyback cars went west. This is the first time I have seen an entire train
(and it was a long one) of empty container/piggyback cars around here.

It would seem to me that the number of container/piggyback cars going east
and west would have to be about the same (whether the containers are filled
or empty is irrelevant to whether there is a container or trailer on the
car) , so seeing an entire train of empties is a bit mystifying. What am I

Ray Smoot

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