N&W in 1908--Two fatalities

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Apparently, the curve (12 degrees) in the cut is more notable, thus Dead
Man's Curve.
Grant Carpenter

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> The first order of business for the section foreman on

> Mondays was to go to the cut west of North Fork to

> see if any bodies had accumulated over the week end.

> You see, at Keystone there was a place known as

> Cinder Bottom (as I recall) and?at this location were

> these uh, uhm, houses.? Highwaymen (or perhaps

> railwaymen) would wait in the cut? and relieve the

> sex-seekers of their valuables. There's a Slaughter

> Pen cut on the Southern, but I've forgotten the name

> of the cut west of North Fork.? Maybe Ed King knows.

> ??????????????????????????????????????????? Harry Bundy

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