Scioto Devision.

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When the Scioto Division ran from Columbus to BLUEFIELD, there is a recorded instance of an entire crew pulling into Bluefield yard sound asleep. This would have been in the days of 16 hours service.
I remember when the 16 hr. law was reduced to 12 Hrs. I don't remember the Scioto Division running from Columbus to Bluefield.
I would like to thank Ms. Lois Ponton for the video on facebook of the 611 move, also I would address those who call the 611 "old lady". She is 10 years younger than I am, we both are still pretty, we both are survivors, and we both sound the same when we walk down the main line, but I don't feel old.
Gene A.

The Hours of Service Law went from 16 hours TO 14 HOURS, then to 12 hours. Scioto Divison
had ID (mean inter-divisonal) crews that ran from Portsmouth to Bluefield. Soon after
the ID runs were initiated, one of the Portsmouth crews sideswiped a train at Farm. NTSB
investigators concluded that the Portsmouth crew missed the distant signal, which was
only in view for a few brief seconds. Harry Bundy
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