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The Hours of Service Law went from 16 hours TO 14 HOURS, then to 12 hours. Scioto Divison
had ID (mean inter-divisonal) crews that ran from Portsmouth to Bluefield. Soon after
the ID runs were initiated, one of the Portsmouth crews sideswiped a train at Farm. NTSB
investigators concluded that the Portsmouth crew missed the distant signal, which was
only in view for a few brief seconds. Harry Bundy

Thank you Mr. Bundy;
Was that after the road had been converted to all diesel. I rode a time freight from Bluefield to Portsmouth Ohio in the mid 70's. My brother was head brakeman, and Mr. L.W. Buckland was the engineer. It was Friday before the 4th of July weekend. We road a van all the way back to Bluefield that night.
Gene A.
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