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On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 7:42 PM, Andy wrote:

WOW!!!! Do you have anymore OLD NC branch trackcharts? Perferably Gossan branch, Reed Island br, and the Lineberry br???

Scanned and posted here: http://www.brucebharper.info/nwrwy/NCBranchCharts.html the full set that I have, that includes the Reed Island Branch and Gossan Mine Spur. The page is also linked from the Cripple Creek page at http://www.brucebharper.info/nwrwy/CrippleCreek.html

Bruce in Blacksburg

Maybe you noticed; maybe you didn't, but the track chart showing Galax and MP 52 has three
additional un-numbered mile post and a notation "no track on this right of way", but it does
show degree of curvature. The Radford Division track charts into the 70's continued to show
the mile posts beyond MP 52.

Louis Newton's book, Rails Remembered (Volume 2, I think), shows the proposed route to
connect near Lambsburg. It would have crossed I-77 between MP 3 and MP 4.

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