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> Maybe you noticed; maybe you didn't, but the track chart showing Galax

> and MP 52 has three

> additional un-numbered mile post and a notation "no track on this right of

> way", but it does

> show degree of curvature. The Radford Division track charts into the 70's

> continued to show

> the mile posts beyond MP 52.


> Louis Newton's book, *Rails Remembered * (Volume 2, I think), shows the

> proposed route to

> connect near Lambsburg. It would have crossed I-77 between MP 3 and MP 4.



The Norfolk & Western Railroad had big plans for the Cripple Creek
Extension, which in a few short years became the North Carolina Extension.
The continuation of the line in Galax was the proposed extension of the
branch to meet up with the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railroad at the state

I dug into my batch of notes and scribblings and pulled these details, which
came from the early days of the extension:

Norfolk and Western Railroad Company
2nd Annual Report
December 31, 1882

Cripple Creek Extension
During the past season surveys have been made, and a line located diverging
from your main line at or near Martin's Station; thence crossing over to the
New river, and following the south-east bank of this stream, to the mouth of
Cripple creek; thence crossing New river and following Cripple creek to a
point opposite "Speedwell Furnace," a total distance of forty-seven miles.
Agreements for right of way upon this line have been secured, but it has
been considered essential, before active work of construction should be
commenced, that sufficient new business should be guaranteed to warrant the
construction of the line."

7th Annual Report
December 31, 1887

Reference has also been made to a projected outlet to the South and
South-East, through the construction of a line, about 30 miles in length, to
connect your Cripple Creek Extension with the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley
Railroad in North Carolina. This connection, if constructed, would prove
very advantageous to your company in opening up additional territory for
the interchange of business.

10th Annual Report

Of the North Carolina Extension there yet remains to be constructed 30
miles, of which 8 miles is partly completed and surveys for the remaining 22
miles have been in progress during the year, but the final location, owing
to the difficult character of the country, has not yet been determined. It
is very desirable that this Extension be completed, and the connection made
with the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railroad as early as practicable, in
order that the line may be in active operation and business developed prior
to the opening of the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The line that
will be formed by your Ohio and North Carolina Extensions will be the
shortest and most direct route between the South Atlantic States and Chicago
and the Northwest.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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