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What if any are the distinguishing characteristics of DPU locos. Cal

Nothing that I can observe.

The GE ES40DC units 7557 -7616 and 7670 - 7719 are equipped with DPU.

These are listed on page 100 of the book Norfolk Southern Locomotive
Directory 2009-2010.

I don't know of any others. If one of these is on the point there can be a
pusher on the rear.

That is the only way I have seen them here in Jonesborough TN.

There are two coal trains that come through here with 5 engines each.

7655 -7663 - 7664 - 7666 - 7667 are one set and the other is 7650 - 7661 -
7665 - 7688 - 7708. Only 7688 and 7708 are listed as DPU but the trains
come in almost any order and when loaded and east bound are always three in
the lead and two pushing and all engines running. There are about 100 coal
cars in the trains. Going west they are five engines in the lead and all
the empties following. Eight are not listed in the book as DPU but they run
as DPU trains.


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