Hollins College business car in excursion service

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The Hollins College was not used in regular excursion service. It was already an office car.

However, in August 1982, it was part of the train that went behind diesels from Roanoke to Birmingham, then the 611 brought the train north, running to Atlanta, Salisbury and finally to Roanoke. I spent one night on the car going to Birmingham, then my room was switched to the "Elkhorn Tunnel" as it was dubbed.

I'm not sure when it lost its Norfolk and Western lettering.

Ken Miller

It was used only occasionally as part of
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> Can't answer those questions; but since it was a business car, I would not expect to see it on excursions. Besides, as a sleeper, it had limited seating capacity, which would not recommend it for excursions. Didn't it eventually become an NS business car? Jim Nichols


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> I'm looking for some additional information on the N&W business car "Hollins College", #451. How often was this car used behind the 611 or 1218 on excursion trains? Was it primarily used for multi-day trips, like the annual Independence Limited? How long did it maintain its N&W lettering?


> Marty Flick


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