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Tue Aug 30 15:27:14 EDT 2011

Harry Bundy wrote:

> There was a plant west of South Point that barbequed hoppers, and Portsmouth

> shop had to get them back in shape. But about the Pier 6 thaw shed -- I

> wonder if NS's new aluminum hoppers are verbotten ?

Most of NS new aluminum rapid discharge hoppers are marked "Radiant Heat Only"
and "Max aluminum temp 250F". Someone else with more knowledge of the Pier 6
thaw shed will have to let us know if this restricts them. Those cars usually
stay assigned to power plant trains.

NS's new hybrid coal gondolas have (low grade) stainless steel lower sides
with aluminum upper sides and ends. Allowing for the use of less controlled
thawing techniques was one of the design requirements for the hybrid design.
They are freely mixed with Top Gons in tidewater trains, so apparently they
aren't restricted from the thaw shed.

Joe Shaw
Christiansburg, VA

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