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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 17, 1912

Recognition of Union Chief Point Contended for by Machinists

No definite word has yet come from Norfolk as to the settlement of differences between the machinists and the Virginian railway officials. However, it is now rumored that one of the chief points of difference is the question of recognizing the union, which hitherto the railway officials have refused to do. It is also stated that very recently the company has inaugurated the system of requiring all persons who apply for positions or jobs to sign "the yellow slip" pledging themselves not to join any labor union, while in the employ of the company. It is said these yellow slips are very jealously guarded by the company and no one is allowed to see them save the officials and the person signing. There is some indignation expressed among the men over this feature, which may eventually lead to a strike even if other differences are adjusted. Mr. Slaten, the superintendent of motive power, is absent from the city, being at Norfolk, attending the meeting of the railroad officials and the committee of machinists, and therefore could not be reached for the purpose of ascertaining, what, if anything, he may have to say about the question of recognizing the union.
Gordon Hamilton
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