THE Gaithersburg railroadianna show is THIS weekend November 4-6, 2011

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Wed Nov 2 10:35:41 EDT 2011

Just a reminder that this is THE weekend for the annual Gaithersburg
Railroadianna show at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in
Gaithersburg, Maryland. It's really easy to get there from I-270,
about 10 miles north of Washington, DC's I-495 Capital Beltway.

This show has been held for over 30 years and in that time, I suspect
that most every type of railroad "stuff' has appeared EXCEPT for a
full-size 1:1 locomotive .... although I think I may have seen a sign
or two with photos saying "inquire."

However, this is not just your average "train show". The stuff which
is usually available includes, railroad paper of all kinds, books,
magazines, railroad china, parts of locomotives, builder's plates,
photographs ........ timetables -- you name it. If the railroad
produced it, it's got a good chance of being there. And, of course,
there is the thrill of the chase and the hunt for you never quite know
exactly what will show up from time to
time. The show actually runs for 3 days, with Friday and Saturday
(Nov. 4-5), primarily being for dealer setup and the serious buyers.
Why do I say serious buyer? Because anyone can gain early admission
but instead of the $9 admission on Sunday (Nov. 6) from 9-4, you can
become an 'early-bird' and catch the proverbial worm by paying $35 for
that chance acquisition. Many a goodie has been collected and found by
this process so if you are an advanced collector or really serious
about your hobby, it can be worth it.

The many smiles one sees each year seem to grow each time.

Many RR Historical Society groups are have also been represented at
the show, which include the C&O, N&W, WM, Ma & Pa, R&LHS, Southern
Railway Hist Assn., and probably a number of others.

There is also a building full of modeling goodies, so that part of the
hobby is not being left out by any stretch of the imagination. Hope to
see you there sometime during the weekend.

Bob Cohen

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