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Norfolk Southern officials host tour of intermodal site


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Construction Manager Mike Checket talks Monday about a Norfolk Southern
project in Antrim Township, Pa. (By Jennifer Fitch/Staff Writer)

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By JENNIFER FITCH waynesboro at herald-mail.com
7:09 p.m. EST, November 21, 2011

In Antrim Township, Pa., today’s muddy field is the future’s $95 million
rail-truck facility driving the region’s economy.

_Norfolk Southern_
(http://www.herald-mail.com/topic/economy-business-finance/norfolk-southern-corporation-ORCRP010911.topic) officials hosted a tour
of their 200-acre intermodal facility site for the media and U.S. Rep.
_Bill Shuster_
(http://www.herald-mail.com/topic/politics/bill-shuster-PEPLT006038.topic) , R-Pa., on Monday. Construction _vehicles_
1,0,651424.story#) continue to snake through the fields off Milnor and
Hykes roads, which are near Pennsylvania’s exit 3 of Interstate 81.

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At the end of next year, Norfolk Southern expects to open the intermodal
facility, where 650 _trucks_
(http://www.herald-mail.com/news/hm-norfolk-southern-officials-host-tour-of-intermodal-site-20111121,0,651424.story#) will
drop off and pick up containerized freight each day. Containers weighing up
to 34 tons each will be transferred between tractor-trailers and trains.

“Ultimately, it’s about taking the long-haul _truck_
121,0,651424.story#) off the highway,” said Darrell Wilson, Norfolk
Southern’s assistant vice president of government relations.

On Milnor Road, Construction Manager Mike Checket explained how the road
will have a cul-de-sac after it closes permanently in two weeks. That area
will eventually have a concrete area for the tractor-trailers and containers.

“We’ve been blasting for four months now, and we have a few more weeks
left,” Checket said of site work off Milnor Road.

Norfolk Southern presented Antrim Township officials with a $300,000 check
for improvements they’ll need to make to nearby roads.

On Hykes Road, crews working for Norfolk Southern are replacing a sewer
line as cows watch from a nearby pasture. A bridge will be built there as
part of the project.

Corrugated pipe is being installed off Armada Drive, a new road to the
site and an undeveloped business park. Blasting for rock is occurring there,

Shuster praised the project for its direct and indirect employment of 275

“Of course, that has a ripple effect across the community and region,” he

The project helps the economy and reduces the number of trucks on
highways, which

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