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"Telegraph Towers" would be a real stretch except for "Hager" as the telegraphers were located in stations for all intents and purposes on ground level.
Those that I remember working with on Abe's list were M.T. Ramsey and Troy Humphries.
Troy was at Troutville then, later moving around till finally at Buena Vista. Troy was quite a character and he had a distinct way of writing out messages as to what work was to be done at industries under his control as an agent.
Back then, Melvin Ramsey was the agent at Waynesboro until his retirement. Really nice guy and we had a lot of fun working with/for him. Remember, the agent was the authority as to what work was to be done as far as local work was concerned. Melvin's house was right next to the road crossing at Lofton, living there until his death. His father was an engineer on the Roanoke Dist. and his brother Luther was a dispatcher on the Shenandoah Div.

Jimmy Lisle
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