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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 5, 1912

Praises Showered Upon D. S. Cunningham, Who Has Resigned as Foreman of Williamson Shops
Last night the Y. M. C. A. building at Williamson was crowded with people, over two hundred of whom could not gain admission to the banquet hall and who were forced to stand outside to listen to the praise showered upon D. G.[sic] Cunningham, the retiring general foreman, at the Williamson shops, who has resigned his position with the Norfolk and Western to accept a position as master mechanic for the Denver and Rio Grande Railway, with headquarters at Salt Lake City.
The affair was arranged by the employees of the shops and friends of the retiring official, who was very popular with all the employees of Williamson, and whose friends extend all over the western general division Refreshments were served and every one present had a gala time for nearly three hours. Harry Waller, trainmaster, made an address in which he praised Mr. Cunningham, referring to him as a man who was always on the spot, and who had risen from the ranks by hard work and application to duty.
He was followed by Edward Tucker, general yardmaster, who spoke in a pleasant vein, making everyone laugh at his version of Mr. Cunningham's popularity with the officials and men. He made a number of personal remarks which were greatly appreciated by the railroad men present, who recognized the humor of the stories told at the expense of the retiring official.
The farewell reception, for it was that, as Mr. Cunningham will leave on Thursday, was presided over by Dr. W. S. Rosenheim, who acted as toastmaster.
In addition to the addresses mentioned, Rev. Mr. Grant, religious worker at the Y. M. C. A., Rev. Mr. Johnson, and J. F. Liggon, assistant roundhouse foreman, made addresses, while the feature address was delivered by John Lowe, chief clerk to Mr. Cunningham, who, report says, will go to Salt Lake City with his chief.
A cornet duet was rendered by H. W. Johnson and Carl Shumate, while a vocal solo was given by Mr. Clyde Rains, and piano solo, by Mr. H. W. Johnson.
Mr. Cunningham was presented with a handsome silver tea set and a traveling bag as a token of the esteem of the employees, who raised a purse of over $100 with which to purchase the presents given. Mr. Cunningham has been with the Norfolk and Western about nine years and general foreman at Williamson for five years. He rose from the ranks following his graduation from Virginia Military Institute where he took a course in a line of work which fitted him for the position he now goes to take. It is reported that he will be succeeded by a Mr. Wills, of Crewe, Va.
[He must have been popular if 200 people stood outside for the affair.]

Gordon Hamilton
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