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Some of us wondered what was behind the decision earlier this year to close the Roanoke hump yard, but the local newspaper didn't explain much more than that the classification would be done elsewhere. The attached excerpt of a portion of an article in the current Railway Age magazine gives a little more insight ("RA" is the Railway Age interviewer, and "Manion" is Mark Manion, Chief Operating Officer, NS.)

The mention of Bellevue in the excerpt refers to the large yard that the N&W constructed in former Nickle Plate territory at Bellevue, Ohio, and which is being expanded currently by NS. Incidentally, when I worked in the N&W Shop Facility Engineer's office in the 1960's I designed the original locomotive locomotive servicing facility at the new Bellevue yard including the track arrangement, the diesel fueling system and the sanding gantry, which I understand has since been replaced by another sanding system.

Gordon Hamilton
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