Concrete phone and tool buildings

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When I clicked on the link, I got the following message from Google:

403. That's an error.

Your client does not have permission to get URL/books/content?req=AKW5Qaf3AI8zK0DQTiLYrTkKmoOZkCRNlO_VU27ABtlwQ3BAn6eG9WHsDLB1ginXt1DSl5Zyf-iJUXqUCXqAN9Vy4KGzDvXNcgpHefzbfk8H6JgKJshKkn6HKE0ti0HaOnhzhOoOtLiS74xNYCvHS8A4ie_Nsw9hpe8cLZdL6AD9U_xceDsZPxpg9k7YeRml12LNlUXlq9Tj8cvKmXIrIQ0_mt8noudRRJm1d5iOcB2q7AsQ5mvoap8Ipl-7jMn4rKoefMasfw4Nx9949EtQzzGsSHbAobc-Hg from this server. That's all we know.

Does anyone know how to make the link work?

Gordon Hamilton

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  Someone in Bristol has listed a free concrete phone/tool booth to anyone that can haul this 4,000 pound item away.  They claim it was once used in Rural Retreat but we don't have any record or photo of it here.  Does anyone know if these buildings were placed at any particular location relative to the depot? 

  These buildings are described, along with a lot of other concrete structures, in this 1915 issue of Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way that was scanned by Google.  This may be old hat to you veterans but I found several of the articles to be quite interesting.  Here is the link that takes you directly to the article on concrete buldings: 



  Frank Akers

  Rural Retreat Depot Foundation


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