Where were the "other" depots along the James River?

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On Sun, Jul 9, 2017 at 6:44 PM, Gordon wrote:

> There are a few scattered annual reports in the NWHS archives for the
> early railroads that you mention, but I suspect that the annual reports for
> those early railroads may be in the NS archives in the GOB-E, Roanoke.  I
> am unaware of any index of these annual reports.  Maybe someone else can
> supply additional info.

​There are a number of records from early and affiliated railroads in GOB
East, with some info somewhat easy to find and other tidbits buried and
waiting to be dug out. There are shelves full of Holinger boxes along with
several shelves packed with ledgers of various sizes and content. A lot of
this material came from the N&W via the Virginia Tech Library, so the
finding guide is somewhat helpful -- at least in identifying what might

Here are two relevant entries:

SOUTHSIDE RAILROAD COMPANY. RECORDS, 1849·73. Ran from Petersburg to
Lynchburg, Virginia (123 miles). Incorporated in Virginia Records (1846).
Consolidated with the Norfolk and Petersburg, Virginia and Tennessee, and
Virginia and Kentucky railroads (1870) to form the Atlantic, Mississippi
and Ohio Railroad Company. Records include stockholders' and directors'
minutes (1849-68,4 vols.); stock ledger (1 vol.); financial journals
(1864-71, 5 vols.); cash book (1868-71, 1 vol.); bills payable and
receivable (1854-60, 1866-71 , 2 vols.); ledgers (1860-62, 1865-71, 7
vols.); bonds, stock balance sheet, etc. (1871-73,0.5 cu. ft.); annual
reports (1865-70). Norfolk and Western Railway Archives. MsBI-063.​

Virginia, to Bristol, Tennessee (204 miles). Incorporated in Virginia
(1848) as the Lynchburg and Tennessee Railroad; name changed to Virginia
and Tennessee in 1849. Consolidated with the Southside, Norfolk and
Petersburg, and Virginia and Kentucky railroads in 1870 to form the
Atlantic, Mississippi and Ohio Railroad Company Records include
stockholders' and directors' minutes (1853-71, 3 vols.); draft
stockholders' and directors' minutes (1855-57, 2 vols.); memoranda book
(ca. 1869, 1 vol.); financial journals (1848-71,17 vols.); day books
(1855-67, 8 vols.); cash book (1866-68,1 vol.); ledgers (1848-71, 20
vo1s.); contract ledgers (1852-67, 2 vols.); bills payable and receivable
(1850-68, 2 vols.); stock ledgers (5 vols.); stock transfers (3 vols.);
bond book (1 vol.); Salt Works Branch mortgage interest coupons (1857, 1
vol.);letter book (1859-60, 1 vol.); contracts, bonds, etc. (1849-71 , 0.3
cu. ft.); annual reports (1852-70). Norfolk and Western Railway Archives.
Ms8 1-073.

The next work session at GOB East is Saturday, July 22. Come on down and
peruse the collection -- you might find something that leads to an Arrow

Bruce in Blacksburg (who is sitting on 3 or 4 Arrow archive articles)
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