Taking 20 by Skip Salmon

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Sat Jul 15 09:54:08 EDT 2017

Saw the inquiry regarding ole Skipper not posting for many weeks.

When I was at the N&WHS archives a week or so ago, I inquired about him and
was told he was on the mend. Leaving the details out at this time as I'll
let him fill them in no doubt pretty soon, I spoke with him I think on this
past Monday and he sounds chipper but it may be a while yet before he gets
out and about, but trust me, he IS anxious to get back into "circulation."

I expect to see his posts again soon and look forward to some of the bad
puns he likes so well. (ugh!)!! I ought to know as I sometimes feed them to
him and he then cleans them up a bit and makes them more suitable for
public reading here.

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