Weed spray and de-vegetation options

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Fri Jan 5 12:53:13 EST 2018

Hey, Jimmy Lisle:

I just received a freebie copy of NS's 2018 Calendar.  Be sure you look at
the photo for November, 2018 - somewhere near Seneca, SC.  Looks as
if the location is in "dark territory".
                                                                  Harry Bundy

          I can't tell you how many times the crews complained about      vegetation. The RR would ask for a detailed list of mileposts of      where the problems were,. We made the lists (several in my case),      turned them in, but, nothing ever happened. Nobody cut  leaf,      nobody would clean the "six-foot" where men had to walk. And, I'm      not blaming to MofW people. They had their hands tied.

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