Weed spray and de-vegetation options

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     Keep in mind that the powers that be at NS aren't going to pay for 
a single thing they don't have to. The only way to get vegetation cut 
down is to pull in front of a signal so a crew can't see the indication. 
That makes it an FRA violation and they will come out and cut enough 
away so the signal can be seen.
     I can't tell you how many times the crews complained about 
vegetation. The RR would ask for a detailed list of mileposts of where 
the problems were,. We made the lists (several in my case), turned them 
in, but, nothing ever happened. Nobody cut  leaf, nobody would clean the 
"six-foot" where men had to walk. And, I'm not blaming to MofW people. 
They had their hands tied.
     I can't remember what book it is in right now, but, there is a 
photo taken from the C&O RoW looking up at an N&W train going over 
Natural Bridge. The C&O RoW was clean of vegetation. Go up there and 
look at it now!

Jimmy Lisle

On 1/1/2018 10:53 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 1, 2018, at 9:30 AM,
> Bob
>  wrote:
>     Afterwards, labor costs skyrocketed, the Sulphur producing
>     trackside modules (aka steam locomotives) went away in increasing
>     numbers and voila, growth encroached much closer to the ROW, lower
>     costs for maintenance, etc.
> I will also suggest the demise of the S&C and power lines is also a 
> factor. Without signal and power lines along the right of way, which 
> needed to be clear of encroaching vegetation and nearby trees that 
> that might drop a branch across the lines, the need for "landscaping" 
> along the tracks was eliminated.
> Bruce in Blacksburg
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