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Hey Jim, Thanks for the information. I found the sheet on which I made a parallel comparison of four of the newspaper accounts and attached it to this message. The article in the Frederick, MD paper was duplicated by at least ten other papers, scattered throughout North Carolina and Pennsylvania, verbatim.

Question: How did you come up with the engine type of one of the engines? Is there an official account in the N&W records? As you can see there is some variation in the facts according to which newspaper you read. The main difference between R.P.C.'s account and what the newspapers reported is the fact that R.P.C. said the train that was already in the tunnel and struck by the runaway was stalled and empty. I'm trying to get all the facts (ducks?) in a row so I can write my account for the book I'm writing on R.P.C.'s life.

Again, thanks for the help.

Peter Getz

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