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I collected various data on steam locomotives.  The N&W never had much 
information on wrecks that I could find but there were a few with the 
locomotive number, location and date of the accident.   The thing that I 
found interesting,  the locomotive was only a couple years old and was 
involved in several more accidents over a few years period.   Guess  
just bad luck during the early years.  Jim

On 1/13/2018 11:34 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Hey Jim, Thanks for the information. I found the sheet on which I made 
> a parallel comparison of four of the newspaper accounts and attached 
> it to this message. The article in the Frederick, MD paper was 
> duplicated by at least ten other papers, scattered throughout North 
> Carolina and Pennsylvania, verbatim.
> Question: How did you come up with the engine type of one of the 
> engines? Is there an official account in the N&W records? As you can 
> see there is some variation in the facts according to which newspaper 
> you read. The main difference between R.P.C.'s account and what the 
> newspapers reported is the fact that R.P.C. said the train that was 
> already in the tunnel and struck by the runaway was stalled and empty. 
> I'm trying to get all the facts (ducks?) in a row so I can write my 
> account for the book I'm writing on R.P.C.'s life.
> Again, thanks for the help.
> Peter Getz
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