Y2 Builder Plates

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Many (if not all, can't say with certainty) Baldwin builder plates had red backgrounds when they left the factory.  Do we have any photos or other evidence of what color the original Baldwin plate backgrounds were on the Y2s that they built?


Dr. J. Brent Greer

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My memory is that Roanoke Shops plates were "painted in" when new.

Jim Nichols

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Question from a simple-minded old brakezman...

When a new engine was outshopped, was the background of the plate "painted-in" ?  Or is the painting of the backgrounds a collector's display technique?

What brings the question to mind is that the Y6 builder's plate which resides somewhat near-at-hand shows no evidence of ever having had paint applied.

Having cleaned up and painted a number of cast iron signs with raised lettering, I can testify that the job of a time-intensive one (if done right.)  It is hard to imagine a frugal pike like the N&W having a man spend a day painting in the background on a builder's plate, knowing that in two weeks the whole thing would be caked in soot anyway.

              -- abramo von burnettovich,
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