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What a coinkydink, with the recent posts.  Below is a message I was preparing to send you in partial answer to your original post and questions.


Sorry this took so long but I had lost track of the reference I wanted to cite and just found it the other day.  You reference a centered headlight refining the earliest possible date of the photo you are talking about.
Centered headlights on E2s were preceded by removal of the round number plate and installation of a new headlight and headlight shelf bracket on the smoke box door.  The headlight shelf bracket held an inserted rectangular brass number plate.

The archives include NW mechanical drawing document A26664 which illustrates the number plate.  Original date is July 2, 1926 and six revisions were made, the last being in 1950.  http://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=68679

>From what I can gather rectangular plates where initially installed an some loco classes and for some classes were a retrofit after elimination of the top mounted headlights and removal of round number plate such as in the case of E2s. The changes were probably made whenever a engine was in for its rebuild or some other major work.

Dating of photos is tough as I have found that people put reference or record dates on pictures.  Even the archives include E loco photo dates that would not possibly be from actual photo taking date

The photo of E2 #547 on page 75 of the book Roanoke Shops and the Norfolk & Western Railroad claims it was taken shortly before her retirement in 1951.  #547 ended its life with a rectangular plate under a centered headlamp.

What is # of E loco you talk about in your initial post?

Dave Gooding

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Hello all.

I recently came across a photo of an E2 working the Container Corporation (Circleville, Ohio) shipping track. Based on other details in the scene, the photo was taken after 1937. The locomotive has a large-diameter stack and a centered headlight, changes that may refine the earliest possible date. My guess is that it was taken in the early forties since K1s were switching this plant by the time dad was watching trains here in the early fifties.

How common were E2s in local work? Any ideas of the train size and speeds that the locomotive could manage in this service in the relatively flat areas of the Scioto Division?

Matt Goodman
Columbus Ohio, US


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