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Hagerstown was WM but after Chessie, C&O and B&O engines were mixed in, based on all photos I’ve seen and taken.  Shomo Yard’s roundhouse/fueling facility was shared by N&W and PRR, where my grandfather worked out of on the old Cumberland Valley, then PRR, until 1959 retirement.  I can’t answer anything definitive but, again, based on photos I’ve seen, RDG seemed to have used the WM facility.


Jim King

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I would assume the Pennsy as they and the N&W shared that facility. The WM RH was a WM property and used by them as well as B&O and Reading until CSX.


Roger Huber

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When was the Hagerstown roundhouse which was demolished in 1999 built and under which RR's auspices? I presume it under WM's auspices, but don't have anything else. My presumption is based upon it was CSX, a successor to the WM acquired that with its other B&O/WM acquisitions in 1962. 

Also were there other RH's in the region, and if so where and what were those particulars, please?

 Also who shared the use and by what percentages, etc.?


Thank you.


Bob Cohen

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