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Based on my observation, I wonder if the sleeper car is the former NS10/NW??? “Hollins College” sleeper car (not the original S-2 car) and the blue mail baggage car one that was converted to a generator car. That would seem helpful to provide power to the medical car. 

Phil Miller


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The medical examiners cars were used to double check that employees were fit for duty in the operations department. It was not unknown that a friendly local doctor would fudge the results of an exam to keep a man in service.  The RR's had these cars to protect themselves from the results of unfit employees failing in service.


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The Medical Examiners Car was used to travel around the system giving physicals and eye exams and such to employees.


Roger Huber 

Deer Creek Locomotive Works



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I'm attaching a photo of three N&W passenger cars that is up for bids on E-bay.  I could use some help identifying the purpose of one of the cars. 


Moving from left to right, the car on the far left appears to be one of the three S-2 "County Cars."  But the name cannot be seen clearly.


The middle car is numbered 1203 and looks to be a former Wabash baggage/mail car.  According to the roster it was formally Wabash #453 and was repainted to N&W at Decatur on 3/9/65.


The heavyweight car with the clerestory roof on the far right is a mystery to me.  It appears to be numbered 403 and the partial lettering stenciled on the side reads "MEDICA...."


According to the roster, car #403 was classed XO and was "Medical Examiners Car" that was built from Pg Coach #1602 in 1957.


My question is, what in the world is a Medical Examiners Car and what was its purpose on the railroad.




Bill King

Arlington, Virginia

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