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That question leads me to ask a question; were N&W caboose roofs painted red, like the caboose bodies, or were they painted dark gray or black? Hard to tell, from the many photos I've looked at that showed any part of the roof, none of which show a clearly defined red.
Greg Harrod

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The cover of the latest Arrow really caught my attention tonight. It is a color photo of the tail end of a coal train moving away from the camera. 

I noticed the side and back of the cupola of the caboose is very grimy, presumably from coal dust blowing from the train. However, the back platform wall is very bright (relatively, that is). 

Is that cleanliness because of the protection of the roof, or because the crew keep that way?

Whatever the cause, it’s a good weathering reference for modelers. 


Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio

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