RD and other Pocahontas Towers

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Add Kermit it wasn’t  exactly a tower  one level


Larry Evans


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Pages 240-241 of Alex Schust's "The Norfolk And Western In West Virginia 1881-1959" describe and show a picture of RD Tower, on the east end of Bluefield Yard.  What isn't clear to me is if it controlled only the east end of the yard or both ends?  If RD only controlled the east end of the yard, was there another tower that controlled the west end, perhaps Graham/RQ?


While we're on the subject, how many towers were there on the N&W main, particularly between Bluefield and Kenova?  I know there was SU tower at Bluestone Junction, TUG at Welch, DY at Iaeger, and KX at Kenova.  I believe the Devon depot contained the controls for the Buchanan Branch.  Are there any others?  I've tried browsing the online Archives, but haven't had much success, maybe using the wrong search terms.


Thank you

Marty Flick

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