RD and other Pocahontas Towers

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Larry you hit the nail on the head.  The N&W called it a tower.  That 
gets to the point of how do you define a tower.  By the building or by 
the function. Or perhaps what the RR wanted to call it.  Jim B

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> Add Kermit it wasn’t  exactly a tower  one level
> Larry Evans
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> Pages 240-241 of Alex Schust's "The Norfolk And Western In West 
> Virginia 1881-1959" describe and show a picture of RD Tower, on the 
> east end of Bluefield Yard.  What isn't clear to me is if it 
> controlled only the east end of the yard or both ends?  If RD only 
> controlled the east end of the yard, was there another tower that 
> controlled the west end, perhaps Graham/RQ?
> While we're on the subject, how many towers were there on the N&W 
> main, particularly between Bluefield and Kenova?  I know there was SU 
> tower at Bluestone Junction, TUG at Welch, DY at Iaeger, and KX at 
> Kenova.  I believe the Devon depot contained the controls for the 
> Buchanan Branch.  Are there any others?  I've tried browsing the 
> online Archives, but haven't had much success, maybe using the wrong 
> search terms.
> Thank you
> Marty Flick
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