[LEAPSECS] nails in the coffin of mean solar time

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Fri Jun 15 04:42:39 EDT 2007

In message <BB2B7081-8AE3-4902-B760-9E719860F518 at noao.edu>, Rob Seaman writes:

>I'm sure many of us were involved in Y2K remediation activities. For

>instance, here is an inventory that I was responsible for compiling

>for one large system:


> http://iraf.noao.edu/projects/y2k/y2kplan.html


>Do we have any evidence that DOD has performed such an inventory for

>DUT1 dependencies?

I find it amazing that an accomplished astronomer like you can
misestimate by so many orders of magnitude as you do here.

Everybody with a checkbook were potential victims of Y2K bugs.

Changes to, including abolishment of, leapseconds will only affect
people who measure positions of celestial objects with high precision.

There is at least a 1.000.000:1 ratio between those two populations

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