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In message <DC6963F2-CA9A-402C-B611-BFCB9ED22DFB at noao.edu>, Rob Seaman writes:

>So now we're into legal analogies?


But if you do not make a credible case that something is being
overlooked, nobody is going to waste time on your proposed process
to look for things that are being overlooked.

If you could come up with just a single credible poster-boy example
you would have a chance, but so far I have seen nothing even remotely
like it from you.

Proposing red tape commisions in the absence of evidence of their
need, is a widely recognized stalling tactic.


>>> The problem is rather expressed in a large number of requirements

>>> that

>>> derive from use cases cutting across the panoply of human industries

>>> and activities. Is there a consensus that we have completed the task

>>> of gathering these requirements?


>> Before any such consensus can be reached, you have to show probable

>> cause.


>> You havn't.



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