[LEAPSECS] Schedule for success

Greg Hennessy greg.hennessy at cox.net
Wed Dec 31 08:39:18 EST 2008

> I don't know what you do for a living, but unless you are a programmer

> yourself, you are likely to work at a level of complexity about

> 1000 times lower than programmers like Warner and me.

I'm an astronomer working for USNO. The last third of
your sentence comes across as "I'm smarter than you are, you should
accept what I say", which is not a philosophy I agree with. I
concede you may not have intended it in that fashion.

> Therefore I do feel on solid ground when I tell you, that when not

> even NASA can get a detail like UTC/GMT right, we have no reason

> to expect or rely on programmers to get leap seconds right.

And when you say that rocket scientists at NASA have made
an error, and can't show it was rockets scientists who
have made the error, or that it is actually an error,
it weakens the argument you are making.

> The fact that you cannot see the problem, does not make it a non-problem,

> people like Warner and me have seen the problems, we know they are there.

You again refer to a "fact" that isn't one. I assure you I see
problems with the current state of affairs. That I favor different
solutions than you do does not mean I'm not seeing the problem.

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