[LEAPSECS] why not put leap seconds into zoneinfo?

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Tue Nov 3 15:19:35 EST 2009

Steve Allen wrote:

> Is putting leap seconds into zoneinfo really different than what

> Argentina did last month, with something like one week of notice?


> http://www.reuters.com/article/marketsnews/idARN1634347520091016

> (I love the certainty of that declaration -- "por el momento".

> I'm left wondering just how fickle the decision can be.)


> I'm sure that Daniel Gambis could be persuaded to give more notice

> than that.

It is obvious that there is no "FAQ for lawmakers on implementing new
legal time legislation" detailing things like available options, needed
time-lines etc for implementing new offsets, new rules for daylight
saving time etc.

Having such a thing may sound a bit silly, but it can be a great way to
educate people into how this information is being used and being applied
in various systems.

I am not sure that the zoneinfo is the best place for this info, but a
similar approach is being the leapsecond file, as NTP clients can get
updates from NTP servers, which can be a rate higher than software
upgrade/patching procedures may be for some infrastructures.


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