[LEAPSECS] why not put leap seconds into zoneinfo?

Matsakis, Demetrios matsakis.demetrios at usno.navy.mil
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Here is a babblefish translation of the link:

Buenos Aires, oct 16 (Reuters) - the Argentine Government will not change to the standard time east weekend, as it were predicted, said to Friday state agency Télam, at moments at which the opposition of the provincial governments grew.

"At the moment, the president (Cristina Fernandez) decided not to change the time zone", said minister of Planning, Julio De Vido, mentioned by the agency of the news.

(Report of Karina Grazina, Published by Jorge Otaola)

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Steve Allen wrote:

> Is putting leap seconds into zoneinfo really different than what

> Argentina did last month, with something like one week of notice?


> http://www.reuters.com/article/marketsnews/idARN1634347520091016

> (I love the certainty of that declaration -- "por el momento".

> I'm left wondering just how fickle the decision can be.)


> I'm sure that Daniel Gambis could be persuaded to give more notice

> than that.

It is obvious that there is no "FAQ for lawmakers on implementing new
legal time legislation" detailing things like available options, needed
time-lines etc for implementing new offsets, new rules for daylight
saving time etc.

Having such a thing may sound a bit silly, but it can be a great way to
educate people into how this information is being used and being applied
in various systems.

I am not sure that the zoneinfo is the best place for this info, but a
similar approach is being the leapsecond file, as NTP clients can get
updates from NTP servers, which can be a rate higher than software
upgrade/patching procedures may be for some infrastructures.

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