[LEAPSECS] A consolidated approach.

Steve Allen sla at ucolick.org
Mon Dec 13 14:09:04 EST 2010

On Mon 2010-12-13T18:52:18 +0000, Poul-Henning Kamp hath writ:

> Actually, I'm pretty sure time is entirely independent of which

> way you orient the Earth.

It is barely a decade during which the literature and nomenclature of
the astronomical community has explicitly recognized that truth.
Even most astronomers have not yet assimilated the new paradigm.
It will be yet a while before the distinctions percolate through the
operational systems and culture.

Rather than add the new (and vitally necessary) concept, the ITU-R
effort seeks to discard the old concept in favor of the new one with
no regard for the longstanding cultural and legal applications of the
old concept.

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