[LEAPSECS] POSIX and C (Was: Re: ISO Influence)

Ian Batten igb at batten.eu.org
Sat Dec 25 12:07:11 EST 2010

On 25 Dec 2010, at 12:48, Ben Clifford wrote:


>> That's a bizarre story. An internet source of GMT? Hardly.


>> What's the DNS name of the servers in question?


> I think they were somewhere under get-time.org (the address you

> posted in

> a different message).

So dead now then, given the name has fallen into the hands of
squatters. A trip to archive.org implies it lasted from early 2000
to April 2003.

Which is sort-of the point: that whatever the UK government's tactical
movement around GMT, UTC or whatever might be, it isn't long-term, it
isn't serious and it isn't in any way indicative of long-term
policy. It always strikes me as a sign of people who haven't dealt
with government in any substantive way that they assume that some
action by an arm of government is in some way a sign of an overall
policy. The idea that governments are that joined up is ironically
shared by politicians and by wild-eyed conspiracy theorists; in the
real world, they just can't organise to that, or indeed any, extent.


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