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Richard Langley lang at UNB.ca
Thu Sep 2 14:42:31 EDT 2010

Can't speak for the other Canadian provinces and territories, but the
official time for New Brunswick is based on "GMT": <http://www.gnb.ca/0062/acts/acts/t-06.htm
>. Of course, they might actually mean UTC but that is not what the
act says.
-- Richard Langley

On 2-Sep-10, at 3:26 PM, Ian Batten wrote:


> On 2 Sep 2010, at 18:37, Rob Seaman wrote:


>> For just one instance, the proposal is not only to cease leap

>> seconds, but to cease the reporting of DUT1


> Could you clarify that? DUT1 is surely produced by IERS, who aren't

> accountable to the ITU, and propagated by (as examples) WWVB and

> MSF, which are accountable via NIST to the US government and via NPL

> to the UK government. I assume the other nationally operated time

> sources have similar governance. I'm not sure how the ITU could

> stop MSF from reporting DUT1.


> But if you drop leap seconds in UTC, DUT1 relative to "new UTC"

> will rapidly exceed 0.9s, which breaks everything that consumes

> those signals and, for example, breaks astro-navigation unless

> somehow the format is fixed to allow for |DUT1|>0.9. It would

> also make the issue of precisely what UK time is a live issue again,

> because rather than the difference between de jure GMT and de facto

> UTC being "classic DUT1" which is for legal purposes negligible, it

> would start to get distinctly noticeable as "new DUT1" grew larger

> (assuming a means to propagate it).


> Why would the UK government accede to this just because the ITU say

> so, and not just align UTC(NPL) to "UTC classic" and declare leap

> seconds itself (based on DUT1 predictions, as today)?


> It would be interesting to produce a list of countries where legal

> time is not UTC, to see what the divide would look like. Wikipedia

> claims Belgium, Canada and Eire: for extra fun, I bet most consumers

> of time signals in Belgium use DCF77 or TDF, which are clearly in

> UTC land, rather than MSF.


> ian




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