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Fri Sep 3 09:56:19 EDT 2010


> on the SAME time. Nobody cares here that solar time and civil time

> are 43 minutes off.

*I* care

but I'm not important - I'm just one person

many people might care and many people are not getting to make
the decision because the decision is being made for them.

further, it's not a decision we can *ever* go back on once it is
made because reversing back to solar to time would be politically
far too difficult to get collaboration on.

therefore it is a decision that must be made very very carefully.

that some NASA/ITU/whoever people find leap seconds "inconvenient"
for programmers is NOT sufficient reason to ever have started
pursuing this agenda.


> leap hour will ever happen, but I won't be around to see it one way or

> another.


so really, your argument is to try convince people to only consider
eventualities that occur within the space of their lifetime?

darwin takes care of this attitude - it's sort of guaranteed


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