[LEAPSECS] LEAPSECS Digest, Vol 57, Issue 9- Wikipedia UTC Citation

Finkleman, Dave dfinkleman at agi.com
Mon Aug 15 12:11:50 EDT 2011

Wikipedia entries can be changed by anyone. I recommend that someone
correct the recent modification that clouds the origin of the term UTC.
They wait to see what happens.

My experience follows. For nearly 10 years, AGI prepared and donated to
NORAD continuous animations for NORAD Tracks Santa. About five years
ago Google and Booz-Allen-Hamilton intimidated NORAD to use them
instead, gaining exposure and advertising. The NORAD Tracks Santa
Wikipedia page said that AGI had withdrawn. I changed it. 30 minutes
later it was back the way it was. I changed it again. This went on
throughout the Christmas season of 2009. By design and policy,
contributions to Wikipedia pages are unconstrained except for immoral or
abusive inputs.

Perhaps someone can write a script that monitors the relevant passage
and replaces it with the truth every time it changes.

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