[LEAPSECS] Focus in the debate, alternative proposal

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Fri Jan 7 11:59:23 EST 2011

On 01/07/2011 03:37 PM, Rob Seaman wrote:

> DST adjustments on the other hand are (usually? always? some places?

> everywhere?) scheduled for Sundays at local 2am.

That's a US-centric view.

In the EU, they happen at 01:00 UT/UTC/GMT (depending on which language you
use) in both directions. In Israel the forward shift occurs at 2am on a
Friday. Iraq and Jordan make the changes on Friday, while Egypt moves
forward on Fridays and back on Thursdays, in both cases at midnight. Chile
changes on Saturdays.


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