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In message <4EC2C90D.9020604 at yahoo.com>, Michael Deckers writes:


> On 2011-11-15 16:44, Warner Losh wrote:


>> It is disheartening that the middle ground remains unexplored. Most

>> of the difficulty of the current system could be solved by

>> allowing DUT1 to grow as large as 10s, but still keep it bounded.


> But this "difficulty" never has been the concern of ITU-R!

Just a bit of semantic business:

ITU-R has no official position on this, until the vote in the general
assembly has determined the official position.

What you have seen until now, have been various members of the
working group raising their views, and the working group not reaching
a consensus.

So if you want to curse somebody for their "lack of concern", curse
the right people, not ITU-R, which is just a facility for holding
meetings and selling standards.

With respect to the middle ground Warner mentions:

In my colloquium at USNO, were some of the relevant people were in
attendance, I raised that, and whoever it was, somebody in the
audience wispered "not a chance" but not quite under their breath.

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